What is Kundalini?


Kundalini is the life force energy that resides in the root chakra at the base of the spine.  Ancient texts say that it lies three and a half times coiled before activation. Once activated, it rises and travels up the spine within the subtle bodies of a human being, transforming the person and speeding up the awakening process.



As it floods into the human system, it works its way through the chakra centers or energy vortexes.  This will bring up possible unresolved issues from a person’s lifetime, and possibly other lifetimes. It is an intelligent force and knows exactly what it is doing, so fear not.  All the old emotional issues get brought to the surface and the person is forced to work through them.  This invitation to work through all old patterns that have been making us miserable and depressed is an opportunity to clear the sludge away from the soul.


Clearing its way, the Kundalini works to design a pure vessel of the human body for the divine energy to flow within. This can be a very challenging process to the point where people may think they are losing their mind and going insane.  One may feel that their life has been taken hostage by this mysterious energy and may feel they have been cursed. It’s a creative power with the potential to bring about great gifts.  It is known that many have become talented writers, painters, dancers, poets and healers far exceeding anything they ever could have produced before the Kundalini became active.


The Kundalini can be awakened many ways.  Shaktipat can initiated by a guru when spiritual energy is transferred, a mediation or practice by a physical touch, a mantra or just standing beside a person.  It can also come about spontaneously from a near death experience, accidents, or sexual intercourse.  It can happen to a non-practicing spiritual person who never had a single moment of mediation in their lives.  It seems to be coming to more and more people in these current times of mass awakening.


In spite of this period of seeming ‘mass awakening’, in the grand scheme of things, it is still very uncommon to experience a true Kundalini awakening.  Very little is known about it.  Kundalini has an agenda and unless the person works with the energy, it can be an absolute nightmare.  Educating yourself is extremely important.  Working with it may mean changing many lifestyle habits such as: types of foods to eat, people we choose to hang around, our occupation or even where we live.  It can hold reasons for each individual as mysterious and unique as any of the greatest mysteries of our universe.


If you are experiencing something in your life that you are unsure of, consider visiting my contact page to drop a line to me here at the website or look at my services page.  Let’s connect to spend a bit of time together.  You may be having a number of things happening in your life, one of which might very well be your own Kundalini awakening.

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