Am I experiencing Kundalini?


The symptoms of a Kundalini awakening vary for different people.  In fact, every person that I have spoken to that’s in the Kundalini process has something different to report about their own individual experience. Some say they feel as though they will burst into flames, or melt because the energy is so hot.  Others report contact with entities or some even explain how they have been able to do astral travel.


No matter what the symptoms you experience, there are commonly shared traits of an authentic Kundalini awakening.  Something that true Kundalini experiencers feel is that energy rises and moves up the spine and generally into the brain.  If part of what you are going through can not be described as a rising energy separate from your own known energy, you might have something else going on in your body.


The whole process can last for years and can take as long as a decade for a process to be near to complete, sometimes much longer.  It depends on the person.  It would be really difficult to list a total complete list of symptoms, but here are some of the common signs:

  • Trembling in the body

  • Cold and Hot flashes

  • Involuntary body movements (Kriyas)

  • Inexplicable Visions

  • Night terrors

  • Snake dreams

  • Extreme fear and Terror

  • Energy movements in the spine and body

  • Aching joints and body parts

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Feeling that different body part are being rewired

  • Hearing Voices

  • Waterfalls

  • Wind Howling

  • Lions Roar

  • Bees Humming

  • Life Flashing through the mind’s eye

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