Ways to get through a rough day


When the Kundalini activates, it can flood the human system and create sheer panic and mayhem in an individual’s life. A person can go into fright and find it really difficult to function in their life as they once knew it.



Finding someone to talk to about all this new paranormal activity can be very difficult for some. Finding a close understanding friend that you are sure will be comforting and not judge you or label you as crazy might be a good step, or it may not. The same goes for an understanding therapist or Yoga teacher.  I didn’t have much luck in those arenas so I eventually had to to pray and ask for the right spiritual guides to be put in my life. Reach out for help and try to set up a little support group so you can turn to them when things are tough.


That doesn’t mean to say you lock yourself in your bedroom and isolate from the world.  Doing this can make the energy become stagnant and cause all kinds of problems. There will be a time for being with others and a time to be alone.  So, when we find ourselves traumatized by the energy the ego doesn’t understand, we need to get out of our heads and into the body. Getting out in nature or to a quiet place with good energy can be vital.

I live in New York City.  All through my awakening I would drive 20 minutes to a local park and walk around it over and over again.  I would even take off my shoes and walk on the grass and clay to let my energy ground through the earth. That would be soothing and calming as would looking at the trees and grass.  At every opportunity I would drive for miles and visit nature spending long periods of time connecting with the earth.


Be kind to yourself in anyway you can.  Take long hot baths with salts in the water. Go easy on yourself and try to be forgiving of others for wrongs done in the past.  The same goes for forgiving yourself for past errors you’ve done as a lot of old karma will be brought to the surface for healing. Try to stay away from or limit caffeine or sugar as this stimulates an already super active energy in the body.  Switch to a healthy organic diet.


sometimes it cannot be avoided but try to sidestep energy vampires.  Try to stay away from negative dark energies that people carry.  This may mean changing your friends or where you hangout.  It can be a major step that is certainly not easy, but your energy can be greatly affected by those around you.  Take note of how you feel when you anticipate a person’s arrival and how you feel after they leave.  This can  help you decide if they contribute to your situation or alleviate it.  You might have to do this until you become more grounded and the whole experience integrates more.


Mediation can help, but be careful and listen to your body and watch what happens to the body when you meditate.  It can send the energy into a frenzy, which is counterproductive even on a good day.  When trying to get grounded, don’t force what might contribute to your stress levels.  If meditation makes things worse, accept that you simply need another method to help your energy.


Most of all, pray and ask for guidance and remember that you are blessed and in the cups of Divinity.  Be transformed and guided by a power that created you and knows what it’s doing – so trust that.

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