How can a spiritual guide help me?


Just looking forward to a Skype session or phone call with someone who understood like a spiritual guide, brought hope and contributed to my healing. Talking to the right person who not only understands whats going on with you on the awakening journey but finding reassurance knowing that they have been their and worked through it themselves.

But, be careful and trust your gut instincts as not everyone out there is authentic or honest and many claim to have Kundalini but really don’t. So trust your intuition on these people. It became a necessity and a certain point in my awakening to have a guide, at times it was just to reassure me I wasn’t going insane and get sound counsel on what to do in my everyday life, how to integrate the whole experience in my life.


A good spiritual counselor/guide/ healer would help me get unstuck at times, that was valuable as I never would have figured it out by myself.  A spiritual guide was an absolute Godsend for me throughout my process. There were times when I didn’t think I could go on any further.  At that point, I would pray and ask for help and be lead to a spiritual guide.  Body work, such as massage, chiropractic or even some light yoga can help much with grounding and helping the energy flow.

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