Where to go – Where not to go

Living in New York made things very difficult but I couldn’t just uproot and move when my Kundalini activated.  Besides, I had nowhere to go and my daughter lived in New York.  Very quickly, I began to realize there were parts of my life that needed to change.  One of the biggest changes was where to go and where not to go.



I couldn’t take the subways as the energy was dark and dirty down there from the endless flow of people.  The cellphone chatter, the checking of the internet, the reading of the stories in the paper – all contributed to the energies the passengers gave off.  I found it too stressful.  Today I can deal with all the above things that at one point in my awakening were major challenges, it did take time and work.


I found myself going to places like Woodstock in upstate New York, a very calm town with a great vibration. I would spend a lot of time in this area and find myself taking hikes up the mountain at every opportunity.  Anywhere there was countryside or water and very few people really helped me a lot.  Even the nature in your own backyard can be a good start if you’re unable to take a trip out of town.


Shopping malls and other areas with lots of people was just too much for the sensitivity of my system. I would take it all in and all the different energy would be way too much for the brain to process.  The Kundalini energy already in my system was intensified by those places, causing me to get very overwhelmed.  Retail centers are geared to broadcast advertising and combine that with the energy thrown off by the shoppers and you have a bad mix.


I found a very peaceful Buddhist temple at the mountain top at Woodstock with a very tranquil meditation hall.  Monasteries and temples are places I am drawn to just for the peace and quiet that can be found there.  Even churches in the heart of the city can transmit a peacefulness to help ground you on a bad day.

It might not always be possible for everyone to just get up and get away, so making do with a local park or local church is better than nothing.  If you are lucky enough to live in nature already, try to make time everyday to get outside.  Making your healing a priority in your day can give you new stability to depend on as you go through the process of a Kundalini awakening.

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