A journey worthwhile

I have often wondered what it would be like to write my own book. Today, when I stood holding the first copy of Living Hell Living Heaven in my hands it made me feel like my journey has been worthwhile.

I hope as you turn these pages you find inspiration or some other ingredient that will help you come closer to your higher self.


Ten years ago, the former Ironworker experienced the beginning of tumultuous Kundalini awakening that flooded his being with energy, shaking him to the core. An Irish immigrant, he came to America in 2001 and worked in New York City as part of the Ironworkers union. As he struggled to comprehend the dark energy that overwhelmed him in 2007, his journey led him to many spiritual teachers, both in America and abroad. After a second awakening late 2010, Clarke focused on discovering all he could about Kundalini and the changes it had on his life. In his courageous tale, ‘Living Hell, Living Heaven’, he opens up about his addiction, attempted suicide and his PTSD. Now working towards helping those who are having awakenings, he helps them learn about what they are going through and helps them understand they are not alone.

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