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Adrian Clarke is a spiritual counselor and author of up and coming book “Living Hell –  Living Heaven”. His work is dedicated to the discovery of our inner Divinity and a life that leads to awakening. Adrian helps people use their everyday life’s problems as a catalyst to heal the broken pieces that are stored within their psyches that prevent them from experiencing peace and contentment in their lives.


Adrian has been dedicated to spiritual practices for over 15 years working with many different teachers over the years like Craig Holliday, Jon Bernie and Shellee Rae.  He has also spent time with healers like Penney Leyshon and Abdi Assidi who assisted him with his own awakening process.

Adrian spends most of his time in New York city while traveling quite often to different spiritual events. A large portion of his work is geared toward helping people who are having traumatic awakenings, particularly Kundalini, and helping them get grounded and back into living in this reality with their families and jobs. Adrian also talks about and helps people with different blockages and hindrances on the spiritual path. He is totally committed to assisting in the healing and awakening that’s currently taking place on this planet.


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