Private Kundalini Counseling

When the time has come, it can be intimidating and awkward to reach out and try to explain to someone just what you are going through in your Kundalini awakening.  Know that I have experienced and continue to work through an actual Kundalini awakening and am very understanding of those emotions.

Let’s explore your experience together to find a way to help you find a light to work towards.  For many, a Kundalini experience can be isolating and traumatizing.  Know that you are not alone.  Let’s talk.

All sessions scheduled are held via Skype.  Rates are below.

Please refer to calendar for appointments and send your information below. Payment is requirement through PayPal once appointment in confirmed.

If you are in a situation and feel that a full session is not possible for you, please do not hesitate to schedule an initial consultation below so I can connect with you.

2o Minute Initial Consultation                                                                                                    – Free

Before we leap into anything, schedule an initial meeting that we might introduce ourselves and have a brief talk about what you are currently going through. Pay what you are able to pay, if any, and let’s meet. As a counselor, I will turn no-one away. Complete the form at the end of this page to book.

60 Minute Skype Session                                                                                                              – $130

Navigating a Kundalini experience is not easy by any means. For those who feel they need a full session, please schedule a one hour Skype with me and we can take time to fully explore your experience so you will not feel rushed. CLICK HERE TO PAY VIA PAYPAL

If you would like to contact me for more information, please complete the form below: