Living Hell Living Heaven

Spiritual Healing Book
A Spiritual Healing Book that will change your outlook on life – guaranteed.

An Irish immigrant, Adrian Clarke came to America in 2001 and worked in New York City as part of the Ironworkers union. As he struggled to comprehend the dark energy that overwhelmed him in 2007, his journey led him to many spiritual teachers, both in America and abroad. After a second awakening late 2010, Clarke focused on discovering all he could about Kundalini and the changes it had on his life. In his courageous tale, ‘Living Hell, Living Heaven’, he opens up about his addiction, attempted suicide and his PTSD. Now working towards helping those who are having awakenings, he helps them learn about what they are going through and helps them understand they are not alone.

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Amazon Reviews after reading ‘Living Hell Living Heaven’.

Highly recommended

‘This is a journey into the deepest, darkest realms of the human psyche.
Not many make it back from the place where the author was taken.
But to make it back and be able to articulate the experience? Phenomenal.
This is a must read.  Whether an avid reader looking for something different. A person with experience of Kundalini. Someone in recovery, or someone simply looking for life’s answers, the author takes you on a harsh, and often brutal journey, set from personal experience. In the hope of helping others.’

Really Refreshing

‘In the age of spiritual new age memoirs that either feel contrived, wishy washy, or preachy~ it’s nice to have this extremely authentically written personal account of a mans journey through his awakening process, not leaving out one gory detail that might connect to the reader. Its great, entertaining read for anyone interested in spiritual matters, especially for those who’ve gone through the ringer in life in one way or another~ and for me, that’s where this book gets it.

It’s easy to find books that talk mostly of the good times, and use predictable language~ but the rich narrative in this particular memoir is so appreciated and enjoyed. Personally, I could identify with a lot of the emotions and attitudes of the author as he comes of spiritual age, so to speak, in the novel… that pain, inactivity, suffering and feeling like what the hell am I doing!

Really refreshing~ His realization of himself as a spiritual being and the revelation therein are easy to digest, clear and direct, which make it accessible as well as real.

For anyone feeling there’s something else out there, and more to be discovered in life and maybe have encountered some of the suffering and hard seeking work that’s usually involved in Life waking you up, this book is for you.’

This is the deeply personal telling of a man’s journey …

‘This is the deeply personal telling of a man’s journey from the violent streets of Belfast in the 1980’s to New York in the late 1990’s. Here he charts his battle with alcoholism and an emotional spiritual awakening in a society largely obsessed with the superficial. He writes with the raw honesty of the streets and construction sites of his past and takes us on the terrifying roller coaster ride that comes with hurtling oneself into an unknown realm. We will all recognise and relate to aspects of the vulnerability of a human being lurching from one existential crisis to the next and triumphing time and again.’


‘I found this book almost impossible to put down…in fact, I stayed up most of the night in order to finish it…I was immediately intrigued by the authors full and colorful life…but I was especially moved by his incredibly intense suffering and equally challenging awakening…due to how it’s written, I found myself rooting for him to survive and thrive, right from the beginning….and as it unfolded, I only continued to grow in more and more awe of the authors remarkable tenacity, courage, dignity and strength!….it’s definitely a story that many will find fascinating to read… but it’s especially a story that I pray finds it way to the people who are in the midst of similar struggles and need to find some answers and hope!’

Excellent, raw, truthful,Get it.

‘This is a MUST read! Once I cracked the first page of this gift, I could not put it down.This book reveals the nature of psyche in very explicit terms. It goes right to the heart of who or what we are, and how we relate to the grand universal schematic. There is no doubt that the insightful information contained in this book will connect the dots and tie up loose ends for the introspective reader. Hats off to the author, you were able to take me on a journey not only from my eyes, but yours.’

Very Insightful

‘I really connected to this, having had several similar experiences.
Navigating through the darkness is not easy for anyone, especially when there’s no references out there for what’s going on while in the midst of it. Highly recommend.’


‘A super enjoyable read, I honestly couldn’t put it down from the moment I picked it up. The author’s style of writing, coupled with the story line had me captivated from the beginning. Along with all the twists and turns, not to mention some jaw dropping surprises that I never could have imagined. I got introduced to things in this book that I wasn’t aware of before reading it, such as Kundalini energy and physic surgery. This book was written in a way you could accompany the author through his struggles without feeling sorry for him, I commend that. I enjoyed the fact there was so many different components that made up this guys very interesting life. It has everything from growing up in the Troubles in Northern Ireland, his battles with the booze demons, right down to an amazing search and appetite to find freedom through the means of a very deep courageous search on the spiritual path. That’s where he meets some amazing healers and beings to aid him as he visits the deepest darkest parts of himself. Clarke seems like a real warrior who wouldn’t give up, I’m glad he lasted the journey to write this book. I imagine if this book gets the right publicity it has the potential to be a real spiritual Odyssey.’